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Multicolor Mexican Milagros Charms - Set of 4

Multicolor Mexican Milagros Charms - Set of 4

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Milagros Ex-Votos Heart Charms: Hand-Painted Mexican Tin Hearts Wall Decor (Set of 4) - Sacred Heart Milagritos, Made in Mexico, Mexican Folk Art Decoration

Embellish your home with the vibrant colors and mystical charm of these exquisite hand-painted, handmade Mexican tin heart charms. Sourced ethically from local artisans, this set of 4 heart-shaped Milagros ex-votos wall decor showcases the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

About this Milagros Charms Set:

  • Mexican Milagros Charms: Sacred heart-shaped tin Milagritos, ex-votos crafted by skilled artisans in Mexico, reflecting the rich heritage of Mexican folk art.
  • Handmade & Hand-Painted: Each piece is meticulously crafted and painted by hand, ensuring no two charms are alike and capturing the essence of authentic Mexican decoration.
  • Set of 4 Multicolor Milagros: A harmonious blend of colors and designs that complement each other, adding a burst of creativity and style to your wall decor.
  • Large 5.5-inch Hearts: Measuring 5.5 inches tall and wide, these tin hearts make a bold statement and add a touch of Mexican flair to any space.
  • Versatile & Functional: Perfect for wall decorations, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, and more, these heart charms are both beautiful and practical.
  • Authentic Casa Fiesta Designs: Trust in years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide for high-quality, ethically sourced Mexican folk art.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Each Milagro charm is handmade and hand-painted by talented local artisans, preserving tradition and supporting their families while contributing to the local economy.

Package Includes:

  1. Set of 4 large (5.5 inches) multicolor Milagros
  2. Authentic Casa Fiesta Designs guarantee

Infuse your space with the enchanting beauty of these Mexican Milagros ex-votos heart charms, hand-painted and handmade by skilled artisans in Mexico. A perfect addition to your Mexican folk art collection or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.


10 inches by 4.5 inches

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