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Black Mexican Shot Glasses, Pack of 2

Black Mexican Shot Glasses, Pack of 2

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Bold Black Mexican Ceramic Shot Glasses - A Splash of Authenticity

Step into the vibrant culture of Mexico with our hand-painted black ceramic shot glasses, perfect for an exceptional drinking experience.

c. Key product features:

  • Versatile Usage: With a 2 oz shot capacity and a sturdy base, these glasses are just right for enjoying tequila, mezcal, or any liquor of your preference.
  • Striking Décor and Utility: Add a stylish twist to your kitchen or bar with these black shot glasses. They also serve as appealing decorative items.
  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Each shot glass is handmade and hand-painted individually by skilled artisans in Mexico, preserving techniques passed down generations.
  • Gift-Worthy Packaging: This set of two shot glasses is an excellent gift for any special occasion. It's versatile enough for whisky, tequila, mezcal, sotol, vodka, and more.
  • Ethically Sourced: By purchasing our products, you are directly supporting local artisans and their families in Mexico, helping preserve their tradition and livelihood.

d. Long-form product description:

Indulge in the warmth of Mexican artistry with Casa Fiesta's Black Ceramic Shot Glasses. These 2 oz glasses, ideal for savoring tequila, mezcal, or any other spirits, bring a dash of Mexican charm and color to your home bar or kitchen. Beyond their practical use, these black shot glasses double as unique decorative items that will impress your guests. Every glass is handmade and painted individually by skilled artisans in Mexico, using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Packaged as a set of two, these glasses make the perfect gift for any special occasion and are suitable for serving a variety of spirits from whisky to vodka. By choosing our products, you support local Mexican artisans, their families, and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Bring home the essence of Mexico with Casa Fiesta's Black Ceramic Shot Glasses.


10 inches by 4.5 inches

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