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Mexican Hammock - Hamaca Mexicana - Double Size Mayan Hammock - Multicolor

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True Comfort Our artisan-crafted hammock envelops your body for ultimate comfort. Lay lengthwise or horizontally for your desired level of comfort and support. Even makes a great alternative to traditional mattresses!

  • Highest quality, most comfortable hammocks available today
  • Hand-crafted by Mexico´s best artisans, hammock envelops your body for ultimate comfort.
  • Our Casa Fiesta Designs hammocks are hand-woven for years of durability. Holds up to 550lbs. Size: approximately 12 feet in length, and can be hung in stands with minimum 10 feet aproximately.
  • Great for naps, siestas or even all night sleep! Perfecto for 2 pax.
  • Assorted Colors